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TERMS of SALES and RETURN POLICY      ●  No refund unless replacement part is unavailable.      ●  90-day guarantee on all mechanical parts.      ●  Labor and electrical parts non-refundable.      ●  Guarantee void is altered or overheated.      ●  20% restocking fee on accepted returns.      ●  No returns on unused parts after 30-days.      ●  Tax charged on all parts, unless proof of tax exemption.      ●  All parts sold as-is are no returnable.      ●  Must have invoice with all returns.      ●  50% deposit on special orders/body cuts.  Deposit non-refundable.  Sale void after 30-days.      ●  Finance charge is 1.5% monthly after 30-days for past due accounts.      ●  All cores must be drained and returned in 30-days for core charge refund.